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 Webmasters' Education:
Start here - Why me?
What you have to know
2 keywords = 1000 phrases
Bad titles, low traffic
Free meta tags
Speaking in tongues
Slow pages equal more traffic
Free and Easy
Yahoo for free
Master of your own domain?
Spiders cannot fill in forms
Good and bad doorways
Order the engines around
Do you use frames?
Are you a magnet?
Visitors by default
Lasso your lost visitors
$100 = 10,000 visitors
Others work - you earn
Ads - Don't click here?
Invite the competitors over
E-mails and warnings
Infectious or immunized?
All the best submission tools
100s of search engines
The "must have" web tools
Free for all sites
Pressing the editor's button
Legal or e-legal?
Where do I start?
A to Z index

 Finance Partners:
Cover Base Life Insurance
Finding Life Insurance Cover
Annuity Comparisons
Aviva Annuities
Buy To Let Mortgages
Commercial Insurance
Inheritance Tax
Pension Misselling
Annuities Comparison
Enhanced Annuities
Pension Annuity Answers
Annuity Office
Annuity Plan
Annuities Plan
Annuities Central
Open Market Option
Capped Drawdown
Mortgage Comparisons
Hidden Mortgages
Barclaycard PPI Claims
PPI Claims
PPI Complaints
PPI Refunds
Barclays PPI Claim
Lloyds PPI Claim
RBS PPI Claims
Wrongly Sold PPI
PPI Justice

  Web Guest Writers:
Web kiosks for the poor
Online Price Mistakes
Thesaurus Ranking
HTML or text e-mails?
ALTered Images
Renaming your Images
Free tools to create your site
Invasion of the Amazons
Advertising v. PR
Will content be profitable?
Responding to spam
What is spam?
Pay for position
Web host tips
Webmaster beauty
Bad web design: Animation
CGI: What the heck is that?
Long live banners
Great press releases
E-mail Sigs - 7 Key Items
Ad tips for affiliate marketing
I want to keep my frames
Creating Doorway Pages
Measuring Link Popularity
Domains and hyphens
Why have a domain name

 General Education:
Homepage | Web Search
Education Resources
Active Online Pupil Forums
Art | Film | Dance | Bands
Countries of the World
Digs UK | US | Canada
Finance | Economics/Biz
Homework Helpers | Exams
Kiddies Korner | Tots | Pets
Jobs UK/EU | US | Canada
Bartending Work
Medicine and Health
Museums and Galleries
Mystery Shopping
PE | Sports | Sporting Events
Power & Politics | Civil Rights
Print Media, TV and Radio
Problems and Advice
Shops | Fashion | Books
Subjects | Religion | Language
Technology Education & ICT
Teens | Just for Fun
Schools UK | US | Canada
Unis/Colls UK | US | Canada

 Special Features:
Essays - Full Writing Course
What is Bullying?
Stress in Teaching
Online Education

 Guest Contributors:
The best Dad?
You're an Idiot!
Slave Caster of Freedom
Out of the mouths of babes
The Right to Life?
The Nostradamus Hoaxes
Explaining terrorism to a child
Internet 2 a scam?
Break a Rule, Bad Girl
Britannica near extinction?
The 1st time I really lied
Nigerian Scam Letters
Singular turns plural
English Writing
In debt?
The Secret Shopper
Too busy at work?
Bullying... Our Stories
Start to live your dreams
Recognize your potential
Stop worrying, please!
Public speaking
Elegant resumes
In praise of black sheep
Ritalin - Straight-jacketing?

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  • Submission tools, major search engines & directories - Internal Link

    Keyword resources

    Please be aware that offensive language will usually be found when searching keyword resources.

  • Turn 2 keywords into 1000s of keyphrases - Internal Link
  • Overture Search Suggestion International (pluralizes/spellchecks)
  • Overture UK (pluralizes/spellchecks/ignores UK spellings!)
  • IBoost Keyword Tips
  • Wordtracker
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  • Metaspy
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  • Thesaurus.com
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    Count your keywords with software

    The free limited version of the Notetab Pro HTML editor counts keywords and their percentage of the page word count. ALL the editing of ed-u.com and its sister site Highstreetcentral.com is performed using the full version of this excellent (and inexpensive) tool. As well as the keyword count (text statistics) and full HTML editing capabilities, it enables you to search your disk and make changes to 1000s of pages at a time. Note: This tool requires some HTML knowledge to use it to its full potential, but is ideal for the novice to practice with. I have no affiliation with Notetab.com.

    "Must have" tools for making on-line life easier

  • Roboform - Free address and password form filler
  • E-Fax - Fax direct to your e-mail box for free
  • Shortkeys saves typing time - Free limited version

    Free statistics for your web-site

  • Counted Web-site Statistics
  • Extreme Web-site Statistics

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  • Atomz - Free search engine for your site
  • Multicity.com - Chat room, poll and message board for your site

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    Help with building your web-site and HTML

  • Lycos Webmonkey
  • NetMechanic
  • Uploading your site
  • Seven Free Tools to Create your Web Site - Internal Link

    Free HTML code for your site

  • Title, header, underline, bold and image tags - Internal Link
  • META description and META keyword tags - Internal Link
  • Translate a page into a foreign language - Internal Link
  • Bookmarking and pass-it-on note codes - Internal Link
  • Your web-site as a visitor's startpage codes - Internal Link
  • Rein in your stray visitors with META refresh tags - Internal Link

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  • The I-Search Discussion List - Adventive
  • Secrets to their Success
  • Chris Sherman's About.com Websearch
  • Dotfactor.com resource center for webmasters and site owners
  • Internet.com
  • Marketingtips.com
  • Netmechanic.com - Reduce the weight of pictures
  • Positionpro - Paid helper
  • Rankwrite.com
  • Searchenginewatch
  • Searchengine World
  • Webmaster World
  • Website appraisals, web copy and content
  • Creating an e-book
  • An Interview with Shari Thurlow
  • Check how your HTML web-site will look on a wireless device

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    Turn paper into webpages

  • Paper Converter for Microsoft FrontPage 2000

    Shopping cart information

  • Internet.com
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  • CCNow.com
  • Ifulfill.com
  • Clickbank.com

    UK specific help

  • Dept. of Trade & Industry
  • UK Online
  • Beyond Bricks Internet Mentoring
  • Information Society Initiative
  • Business Link
  • Small Business Service
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Federation of Small Business
  • Institute of Directors
  • Barclays Online Advice
  • Virgin Biz
  • Clearly Business
  • IT Best Practice Essex

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