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Bullying...Our Stories

Ever since I can remember I have been bullied, but it really started as soon as I started secondary school. There was this one girl in my class who, along with her cousin, singled me out and for 3 years continued to bully me. I was never physically bullied but I think that verbal bullying is in some ways worse as the scars from that can take longer to heal!

After having told the teachers on several occasions but to no avail, I decided (wrongly) to take matters into my own hands. I started calling her names and even though I knew I was just sinking to her level, I found that it got to her, so much so in fact that she told a teacher! The tables had turned and she didnít like it!

The trouble came when I got called into the teacherís office and told not to bully this girl. I couldnít believe my ears! I told the teacher how this girl had been bullying me for years and I was just trying to get her to see how much it hurts. The teacher luckily was sympathetic to my situation and although she warned me that I mustnít bully she spoke to the girl in question and the bullying stopped!

After about 6 months we began to become friends and have been ever since. I think she realised that I wouldnít put up with being singled out. As for her cousin, he stopped when she did!

The moral of this is, donít ever give up and never ever think that being bullied is your fault, itís a problem with the bully not with you. The sooner you can come to terms with this, the stronger you will become.

Show them that what they are saying is like water of a ducks back even if inside your are really hurting and believe me I know how painful words can be! Donít ever let them see it hurts and donít ever let them think they have won.

Finally, when the bullies are getting you down remember "You are worth ten of them, so donít let them get to you!"


Click here for Barry's Story

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If you are involved with a school or community group and have to teach pupils about this issue, why not use the popular award winning Pupiline, which offers an effective and engaging way to tackle this issue in a way that easy for the teachers and great fun for the kids. Just click here.

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