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    Archived Universities and Colleges Articles

    Step away from the spell-checker. A University of Pittsburgh study reveals that using the spell-check button can create problems for writers and editors who rely too heavily on the software. While a spell-checker can identify some misspelled words, it is not always so reliable when used to correct grammatical errors ...More from Wired News

    Princeton 'snoops on Yale'. Princeton University staffers are accused of improperly logging in to a Yale website that tells applicants whether they were accepted, but Princeton's head of admissions claims he was just checking out security ...More from Wired News

    Code-Breakers Go to Court. The Princeton professor whose team was prevented from publishing how it cracked a purportedly impenetrable music-watermarking code takes the case to court ...More from Wired News

    Russell Crowe plays maths genius in new movie "A Beautiful Mind". Ron Howard is directing the Gladiator star on location at the world famous Princeton University in a biopic of a Nobel Prize-winning economist who suffered bouts of paranoid schizophrenia for 30 years, says The Mirror ....More from What The Papers Say

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  • Pace University NY
  • Pacific Lutheran University WA
  • Pacific Northwest College of Art OR
  • Pacific Union College CA
  • Pacific University OR
  • Pacifica Graduate Institute CA
  • Paine College GA
  • Palm Beach Atlantic College FL
  • Parsons School of Design NY
  • Park College MO
  • Paul Quinn College TX
  • Paul Smith's College NY
  • Peace College NC
  • Pennsylvania College of Optometry PA
  • Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine PA

  • Pennsylvania State University System PA

  • Pepperdine University CA
  • Peru State College NE
  • Pfeiffer University NC
  • Philadelphia College of Bible PA
  • Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science PA
  • Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science PA
  • Philander Smith College AR
  • Phillips University OK
  • Piedmont Baptist College NC
  • Piedmont College GA
  • Pikeville College KY
  • Pillsbury Baptist Bible College MN
  • Pine Manor College MA
  • Pittsburg State University KS
  • Platt College MO
  • Plymouth State College NH
  • Point Loma Nazarene College CA
  • Point Park Morris College PA
  • Polytechnic University of New York NY
  • Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico PR
  • Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico PR
  • Portland State University OR
  • Pratt Institute NY
  • Prescott College AZ
  • Presentation College SD
  • Princeton University NJ
  • Principia College IL
  • Presbyterian College SC
  • Providence College RI

  • Purdue University System IA


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