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The Transatlantic Education Mega-Site... receives Golden Web Award.

"The Golden Web Award has been awarded to in recognition of creativity, integrity and excellence on the Web" - The International Association of Web Masters & Designers represent that is considered an outstanding website, incorporating high standards of design, originality and content.

The Guardian, one of the UK's most respected newspaper and online publishers, has given the thumbs up to! Quote: "A huge education portal, describing itself as the Transatlantic Education Resource, this site features news, advice for teachers, employment information, special reports and an enormous amount besides. The size of the site can be mind-boggling at first, but it remains well-ordered and easy to navigate, and to maintain consistent quality over this depth of content is an admirable achievement. Highly recommended."... Guardian Website

"Useful resource for parents who have to help children with their schoolwork" - Daily Telegraph

I was really thrilled with what I saw. Your site has some really great information on it and you look like you provide some amazing services! University of Texas' Online Program Portal.

What the Papers Say, the extremely useful news portal that chooses the top stories from Britain's online newspapers every morning, calls, "The excellent news and information site for educators."

"Great site! The information is comprehensive, well-organized, and (most of all) practical. I wish I had a resource like this back when I was a college instructor!" -

"Simply the best education directory and news resource on the Internet!" - Pupiline

"A huge and invaluable resource" - SchoolsNet

"Loaded with creative resources and links that you must see to comprehend its scope" - Youth Change

"Education resources for everyone - 5 Stars" - SchoolZone

"What a great website!" - Northcentral University

"Impressive site. The coverage is really commendable." - Open Software Technology

"Your resources are great - I've found it difficult to get international students' news before finding you!" -

"Thanks for a wonderful resource" -

"Excellent news and information site" - - The African Virtual University

"Wonderful content" -

"A wonderful site" -

"Highly recommended" - Science in the 21st Century

"A huge, well-organized directory and news source with great depth" - Christian Home Education

"Excellent source of information" - Trend Business Services

"A quite phenomenal site" -

"It is impressive, isn't it!" - The BBC

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