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Master of your own domain?
Spiders cannot fill in forms
Good and bad doorways
Order the engines around
Do you use frames?
Are you a magnet?
Visitors by default
Lasso your lost visitors
$100 = 10,000 visitors
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Web kiosks for the poor
Online Price Mistakes
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HTML or text e-mails?
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Renaming your Images
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Invasion of the Amazons
Advertising v. PR
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What is spam?
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You're an Idiot!
Slave Caster of Freedom
Out of the mouths of babes
The Right to Life?
The Nostradamus Hoaxes
Explaining terrorism to a child
Internet 2 a scam?
Break a Rule, Bad Girl
Britannica near extinction?
The 1st time I really lied
Nigerian Scam Letters
Singular turns plural
English Writing
In debt?
The Secret Shopper
Too busy at work?
Bullying... Our Stories
Start to live your dreams
Recognize your potential
Stop worrying, please!
Public speaking
Elegant resumes
In praise of black sheep
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Traffic Tips and Secrets - Increase Traffic to your Web-site...

Kate the Webmistress

What you have to know first

Points to note before you start promoting your web-site:
  1. You are writing your pages for both machines and humans to read. If your pages are not optimized for the machines, then fewer people will reach your site. Over 70% of users say they access e-commerce sites via search engines.

  2. A search engine "crawl" of your site is just the first step. Sometimes it can take over three months before a search engine actually lists your site, but mostly it's a week or two. However, just because you have submitted your web-site, doesn't mean that you will automatically gain a listing. You should also note that some of the top search engines and directories require payment for inclusion in their indices.

    A crawl is an action performed by a robot. Robots are small software programs that visit servers (machines that store the web-sites) and automatically request documents from them for indexing. They use the hypertext links found within these documents (web-pages) to travel to their next destination. A search engine is a database of web-pages gathered by a robot. Robots are also known as webbots, bots, web crawlers or spiders.

  3. Although search engine robots have no taste when judging your site, they can determine the perceived worth of it by automatically checking which other websites link to you. If you can get major sites like Yahoo to link to you, then so much the better.

  4. You should concentrate on optimizing the home-page first as this is where crawls often start. Moreover, in terms of indexing, search engines consider your home-page to be the most important page of your site. A fancy entry page without any content might look great to the few people that see it, but search engine indexing software and human directory editors (they don't like jumping "hurdles", they haven't got the time) will in the most part ignore it. This, of course, can reduce your potential level of traffic considerably. You have to weigh up what is more important for your business: cosmetic appearance or paying customers.

  5. Targeted visitor traffic is the most important aspect of a website. Obviously, good content and supplying the visitors with the information, goods or services that they actually need, go a long way to encouraging people to return to the site, but no matter how good your operation is, it is useless if no one actually sees it.

    You can earn money from a bad site with lots of traffic, but it is extremely difficult to earn money from a good site with little traffic. This may seem an obvious point, but many companies believe that if they have a good site, people will automatically visit it. This is simply not the case for the vast majority unless they are specifically designed with search engines in mind.

    What about converting visitors into customers? Are you concerned that your conversions may suffer if you optimise your site for the search engines? Consider the following scenarios when deciding on your route:

    1. You attract 100 no cost visitors per day and achieve a high conversion rate of 5% with a "pretty" unoptimised site. Your profit is $/5.00 per unit sold, therefore your overall profit is $/25.00.


    2. You attract 1000 no cost visitors per day and achieve a low conversion rate of 1% with an "ugly" optimised site. Your profit is $/5.00 per unit sold, therefore your overall profit is $/50.00.

  6. Comparing search engines with each other is like comparing apples and oranges; your site will be ranked very differently in each. Just because you achieve a high ranking with one search engine, does not signify that this success should typify the route you should take with all search engines.

    Despite what some online marketing companies claim, no one can guarantee unpaid top placements within search engines for the more commonly used search phrases. The top search engines are mostly unimpeachable 3rd parties who have the ultimate control.

  7. Remember that search engines and directories change their criteria regularly so a good listing today may dissolve into cyberspace tomorrow. You need to be indexed in as many places as possible to cut down the percentage of your business loss if you disappear from a major search engine or directory.

  8. At the time of writing, search engine crawlers cannot read text within images (.gifs or .jpgs) and XML code, and information that is generated by Java applets is mostly ignored.

  9. All of the "HTML tags" that we mention in this site are "copy and paste" ready for your site.

  10. Someone once said, "Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it", i.e. you should only expect results that match your effort.
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