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Question: - How much will I get paid? Answer: - Fees per visit vary between companies, but are usually between 6.00 and 30.00. Some jobs do command 100 plus, but these are for longer, more complicated assignments such as staying at a holiday park or buying a pair of prescription spectacles. Most pay travel and petrol expenses and if you make a purchase you will be reimbursed. You will sometimes be allowed to keep whatever you bought. And yes, that does mean that your food and drink is paid for (and your partner's) when you Mystery Shop a restaurant. You may sometimes be asked to perform an assessment at the last minute and maybe even some distance from home. This can often command a greater fee, as you might currently be the only shopper who is available. If you let your supervisor know that you may be available, but you'll have to consider inconvenience, rescheduling your time, distance and petrol expenses you may be offered an increase in the usual rate. That said, if you do a favour for a supervisor at no extra charge they may be more inclined to offer you the more popular, better paid jobs in the future. When you get offered a job, contact supervisors of other companies and let them know that you are shopping that particular area during that period and ask whether they also have assignments in the same area. They'll usually be happy that you took the time to do so, especially if they are able to book a job without having to phone or email a list of people who maybe aren't in, available during that period or are not interested. They are also sure to welcome your enthusiasm and remember you for future reference. It is also possible to take a working holiday by planning a trip and then checking with a few companies if assignments are available in your destination or on route to the area that you plan to visit. Share
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