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New and Experienced UK Mystery Shoppers Always Needed...

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Mystery Shopping
If you are formally interviewed by the Mystery Shopping company (Few Mystery Shopping companies hold face-to-face interviews, but many provide training. Training often comes in the form of a dummy questionnaire) We realize an interview can be a stressful experience, but there is help at hand. Read the following tried and trusted tips carefully and be prepared. 1. Place a piece of paper and a pen in front of you now. 2. There are few things worse in life than running late for an important interview. Consider setting the alarm much earlier than usual and giving yourself TOO MUCH time. It will enable you to arrive a little early and you'll have time to collect your thoughts. Write a list of the things that you will have to do on the morning of the interview and the times that you have to do them. Along with the time of the alarm call, write down the time you expect to be finished breakfast, get washed and dressed, get the kids to school etc. and keep to this schedule. 3. Plan what you are going to wear to the interview well in advance - make sure that you will look smart and tidy with clean, polished shoes. You don't want to be rushing around at the last minute and risk being late! 4. Try to find out a bit about the Mystery Shopping company beforehand. Ask family, friends and neighbours and check if there is any information online. 5. Know what you are going to say to them and try to anticipate the questions they might ask you. 6. Make eye contact, smile and shake hands firmly and with confidence - first impressions DO matter. 7. Wait until you're asked to sit down. 8. Don't slouch in your chair, fidget, swear or smoke. Don't cross your arms, keep them on your lap. Look and be professional. 9. Keep car keys in your pocket or bag - held car keys may give the impression that you are in a hurry. 10. Don't keep looking down or away from the interviewer - maintain eye contact. 11. Don't mumble and don't interrupt the interviewer. Answer questions honestly in a clear and confident voice, but don't sound overconfident or jokey. 12. Nod occasionally when the interviewer is talking, to show that you are paying attention. Sound enthusiastic about the company and the job. 13. Ask the interviewer for clarification if you don't understand a question or answer, it could be crucial. 14. Only after you are offered the position ask more detailed questions about pay, etc. 15. Thank them, smile and shake their hand on the way out. Share
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