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"I am not a vegetarian because I love animals; I am a vegetarian because I hate plants."

A. Whitney Brown

  • "If toast always lands butter-side down, and cats always land on their feet, what happen if you strap toast on the back of a cat and drop it?"

  • "I went to a restaurant that serves "breakfast at any time." So I ordered French Toast during the Renaissance."

    Steven Wright

    Edible Insults

  • He's a few peas short of a casserole

  • A cucumber short a salad

  • A fry short of a Happy Meal

  • One taco short of a combination plate

  • The cheese slid off his cracker

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    Archived food related articles

    Online technology: Wired oven keeps food cool. Imagine being able to leave a meal in the fridge for the day but then send a command over the internet to cook it so that it is ready when you get home. The oven can be controlled over the net using power lines A US company called Tonight's Menu Intelligent Ovens (TMIO) has come up with a refrigerated microwave that can be controlled over the net or by mobile phone ...More from the BBC

    Table manners for geeks. In Virginia, graduating IT students get lessons in good manners. The best and brightest technology students at George Mason University in Virginia might have great jobs lined up after college, but when it comes to social graces many don't know a salad fork from a data fork ...More from Tech TV

    Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children says today's children eat 25 times more sweets than in 1950. A study reported in The Guardian says the education level of mothers affects children's diets. "11% of children studied whose mothers had little education were obese, compared with 4.8% of those with degree-level mothers" ...More from What The Papers Say

    Professor of international nutrition Andrew Prentice says infant obesity is changing human evolution. "Today's children will have a lower life expectancy than their parents unless the worldwide epidemic of obesity is brought under control," reports The Financial Times ...More from What The Papers Say

    Betty the crow bends wire into a hook to create "spoon" for food, says researcher. Professor Alex Kacelnik's Oxford University team were shocked when, nine times out of ten, Betty bent a straight wire into a hook to scoop food from a container, says The Sun. Not even primates are thought to possess such ingenuity - chimps "always fail tool-making tasks in experiments" ...More from What The Papers Say

    Children tell survey 'Bananas grow in Scotland'. Many schoolchildren in inner cities think that oranges and bananas grow in Scotland, a survey has revealed. Almost two-thirds of Scottish nine and 10-year-olds who took part claimed that cotton comes from sheep, and more than half thought that oranges were grown in their own country. A total of 15% of pupils thought that bananas grew in Scotland and while 43% said that peaches were produced north of the border ...More from Ananova

    Students 'need protection of unions'. It is claimed students who work in bars or fast food restaurants need union protection more than any other employees in the UK. TUC president Tony Young has told the annual conference of the National Union of Students that too few students are members of a union. He claims fewer than one in five workers under the age of 29 belong to a union, with students not bothering to sign up once they leave college ...More from Ananova

    Food Technology: US Soldier Systems Centre develops sandwich which stays fresh for three years. The snacks - available in pepperoni or barbecue chicken flavour - "are designed to remain tasty after months or even years in the sweaty pockets of a soldier's combat fatigues," reports The Times ...More from What The Papers Say

    UK breakfast clubs 'cut truancy and boost pupils' performance'. Breakfast clubs where pupils can get breakfast as they get started on the school day help to cut truancy and bad behaviour and boost academic performance, a survey showed today. Three quarters of schools running clubs said they had a positive effect on attendance and punctuality, while 80% said children concentrated better during morning lessons ...More from Ananova

    The Art of the Meal. A gigantic simulacrum of the human digestive system eats, digests and expels two meals a day. The creator says it's all about art, not about science. Heather Sparks reports from the New Museum in New York ...More from Wired News

    Schoolchildren struggle to identify fruit and veg. A survey of British schoolchildren shows some struggle to identify popular fruit and vegetables. A third thought cabbage was lettuce, 17% didn't know what a cauliflower looked like, and some even confused melons with celery. One in five of the eight to ten-year-olds said they had never even tasted broccoli while one in ten hadn't tried cabbage ...More from Ananova

    The Way to a Teen's Brain Is Through His Stomach. Scott will eat anything that's not chained to the floor. A boy who ate only tomatoes, potatoes, peas and cheese turned into a teenager who eats anything, anytime, anywhere. If he spent half as much time studying biology as he does pillaging the kitchen, he'd be Louis Pasteur ...More from the Washington Post

    Physicist Dr Sidney Nagel cracks mystery of the "Brazil-nut effect". Have you ever wondered why the nuts in a bowl of muesli rise to the top? No? Then you might be surprised to discover that The Independent, Telegraph and BBC are taking very seriously Dr Nagel's challenge to a long-standing theory espoused by, among others, the Institute for Food Research in Norwich ...More from What The Papers Say

    Scientist says he can create meat without killing animals. A Dutch scientist says he can create artificial meat in laboratories without killing animals. Wiete Westerhof, from the University of Amsterdam, plans to use the same method used to produce artificial skin ...More from Ananova

    The European Commission to propose mandatory use of Latin in fish shops. The EC Fisheries Management Committee has suggested that it would be easier if everyone across the EU called fish by the same names, reports The Sun. "If barmy Brussels bureaucrats get their way," writes consumer correspondent Paul Crosbie, "baffled Brits will have to ask for hippoglossus hippoglossus instead of plain halibut" ...More from What The Papers Say

    42 year-old systems analyst James Wannerton suffers from rare disease which makes him "taste words". "If someone says 'motorcycle' I taste Rice Krispies. If they say 'key', it's garibaldi biscuits. It also happens when I read. It is so ridiculous I couldn't make it up" - James Wannerton, who suffers from synaesthesia, quoted in The Mirror ...More from What The Papers Say

    McLanguage: Hey, it could happen (TM). You've heard of Chicken McNuggets and the Golden Arches. They've long been trademarks identifying the McDonald's Corporation, purveyor of cheap hamburgers to most of the planet. How about the phrase "changing the face of the world", though? Or "hey, it could happen!" Or "have you had your break today"? According to the company website, McDonald's has trademarks on these too, a sign that advertising and free use of the English language are becoming increasingly incompatible in today's corporate America ...More from the Independent

    Hi-tech toaster that keeps a weather eye on the day’s forecast. Too rushed to look out of the window while you're making breakfast? Then the Java toaster is for you: today's weather forecast, burnt into your toast ­ sunny, cloudy or rainy. Developed by Robin Southgate, a product design graduate of Brunel University, UK, the toaster dials a freephone number to get the weather forecast when you slot your bread in, and then burns the result into your bread while you wait ...More from the Independent

    The chips are down at McDonald's. McDonald's has apologised to all religious and secular vegetarians for failing to make clear that beef flavouring was added to its chips in America ...More from the Times

    British beards are defeated in counter attack. An employment tribunal has ruled that food retailers are fully justified in refusing to employ men with beards... More from the Times

    Crafting cartilage from fat cells. Scientists have managed to transform human fat into cartilage, which could mean many good things to many different people, especially those with weight problems and damaged joints... More from Wired News

    Stressed out? What we eat and drink can have an influence on stress levels. Certain foods and drinks have different properties in them, which can not only lead to a healthier diet (which in itself can reduce stress levels) but actually helps the body deal with stress naturally... More from


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