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Fact 1: There are three kinds of people in this world: those who are good at mathematics and those who aren't.

Fact 2: 3 out of 4 people make up 75% of the World's population.

Fact 3: The lottery is a tax on people bad at math.

Fact 4: Whoever invented binary logic knew how to put two and two together.

Fact 5: If you are two and you've doubled your age in a year, by the time you're six you'll be ninety.

Fact 6: There is no fact 6.

Fact 7: A dozen, a gross, and a score, ((12 + 144 + 20

Plus three times the square root of four, + (3 * sqrt(4)))

Divided by seven, / 7)

Plus five times eleven, + (5 * 11)

Yields nine squared -- and not a bit more! = (9 ** 2) + 0

"One word sums up probably the responsibility of any vice president, and that one word is 'to be prepared'." Dan Quayle


Roman Numerals

I = One
V = Five
X = Ten
L = Fifty
C = One hundred
D = Five hundred
M = One thousand

The Mystery Shopping Club

(Operated by's sister site)

Are you a student over 18? Part-time teacher? Parent? Just someone that needs some extra income? Some free food and drinks perhaps? Would you like to pick your own hours? - Casual work is available to you now...

The following is an article taken from Choices Magazine after a visit to the Mystery Shopping Club.

"Wanted: Shopaholic nosey parker with excellent observational skills, a good ear and flexible attitude to part-time work. Anyone can apply. Work available in all areas. Must be prepared to eat free meals, enjoy shopping discounts and visit pubs - and be paid for it."

Believe it or not, the above job advertisement is not as far fetched as it sounds. If you love shopping, you'll be pleased to hear that it's possible to shop for a living. In fact, it's a multi-million pound industry for market research companies who employ "mystery shoppers" to shop up and down the country - all in the name of customer service and research.

There are a number of mystery shopping companies who organise whole armies of professional shoppers on behalf of retailers, pubs, restaurants, banks and other service industries. Their mission? To mingle in, look inconspicuous and file a report on anything from customer service to cleanliness in the restrooms.

If you visit one or two pubs in a night, you'll get your food and drink paid for, travel expenses and you'll be paid anything from £6.00 to £8.00 up for each visit.

But there is one problem with mystery shopping: truly dedicated shoppers never switch off from their work. You'll find yourself compulsively evaluating service and checking ceilings for cobwebs even when you're not on duty. It eventually becomes a part of your life.

To find out more about casual employment opportunities in the "Secret Shopper" industry, please visit's sister site:

Click here for the Mystery Shopping Club UK

The Transatlantic Education Mega-Site...

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BECOME A MYSTERY SHOPPER Are you a student over 18? Part-time teacher? Or maybe a parent or just someone that needs some extra income? Some free food and drinks perhaps? Would you like to pick your own hours? Casual work is available now.

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US Mathematics = Math

UK Mathematics = Maths

Archived Mathematics News in the Media

Education: Mathematical formula 'predicts marriage breakdown' The secret to finding lasting love might remain a mystery to most, but two US researchers claim to have come up with a mathematical model that can predict whether a relationship will fail. The researchers also say their system provides a simplified way of counselling couples and can help them to overcome relationship problems ...More from

Education: Maths secrets of M&Ms revealed M&M sweets pack together more densely than perfect spheres when randomly jumbled in a container, scientists say. Same-sized spheres were previously thought to have the highest "packing fraction" - the relative density of objects when shoved in a container. The discovery may help development of new materials ...More from the BBC

Counting on Distant Worlds: Math as an Interstellar Language. If some day we receive an information-rich signal from another star, no one expects it to be written in English, Chinese, or Swahili. Instead, researchers engaged in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) often suggest that mutual comprehension will come through the language of math ...More from

The @ sign around the world - it's a little monkey. And a pig's tail. The @ sign seems a straightforward beast. We call it the 'at sign', which is what that symbol in the middle of email addresses is commonly known as here in the UK, in the US and most other English-speaking countries. It even carries that literal translation in other languages ...More from

Algebra = X in one US school, Y in another. Teaching inconsistent as standards waver. After taking Maryland's state algebra test this year, Susan Gruenspecht's students at Westland Middle School in Montgomery County wanted to know: Where was the algebra? ...More from the Washington Post

Trouble for School Inc.. Edison gets scolded for dubious math and weak grades. Can it improve? ...More from TIME

Mathematician takes on 100-year-old problem online. A British mathematician is attempting to solve one of the subject's most elusive problems on the internet. Southampton University professor Martin Dunwoody has posted an answer to Poincare's theory on his faculty website. The effort as it stands falls short of a definitive answer ...More from Ananova

Calculators 'not used enough' in lessons. Primary school pupils in England are not taught to use calculators enough in their daily maths lessons, inspectors say ...More from the BBC

New push to get British workers adding up. Employers are urged to help the many workers in England who cannot add up, read or write properly ...More from the BBC

Maths error exam board loses 20 students' coursework. The UK exam board which set a maths question that was impossible to answer has also lost pupils' AS-level coursework. It has been reported that Edexcel lost the coursework portfolios of 20 performing arts students at North Devon College, Barnstaple. It has recently emerged a printing error on an AS-level maths paper meant 2,500 students were faced with a question that could not be answered ...More from Ananova

UK maths teachers halved since 1983. The UK government is facing a huge new hurdle in its education revolution - a collapse in the number of maths teachers ...More from the Times

Finally, some good news for tired Canadian educators. Canada's 15-year-olds rank among the best in the world in mathematics, science and reading, an international study shows ...More from the Toronto Star

Extra maths and English classes `failed to improve standards'. Catch-up classes for British children struggling in maths and English have failed to bring them up to the Government's required standard. A multi-million pound experiment with summer literacy and numeracy lessons for pupils lagging behind at secondary school led to fewer than half reaching Level 4, according to a study by academics at King's College, London ...More from Ananova

Court battle of the 'metric martyrs'. Lawyers for five UK market traders fighting to be allowed to serve their customers in imperial measures have argued EU metric rules are infringing cultural rights. The five are fighting convictions and court orders made against them after they traded in pounds ...More from Ananova

Welsh-speaking children 'better at maths than English-speakers'. Children who speak Welsh can complete maths tests more easily than their English-speaking counterparts, say university experts. The discrepancy is said to be partly due to the fact Welsh numbers are named in a way which directly reflects their numerical properties ...More from Ananova

Principia Mathematica III. He was a child prodigy, publishing his first paper at 15. Now Stephen Wolfram says he has created a new kind of science based on simple computer programs rather than equations. It is a bold claim, but it has taken him 20 years--ten of them thinking and working late into the night, and publishing nothing ...More from The New Scientist

Pre-school squiggles. Learning to identify numerals--the written symbols for numbers--is a basic math skill. Young children gradually come to understand that various written shapes represent specific quantities. The 2 squiggle means there are two of something, while a 5 squiggle indicates that there are five ...More from the Sesame Street Workshop

Teachers vie to be Mr. Wizard. Science teachers battle to build the best on-the-spot experiment at the San Francisco Exploratorium Iron Science Teacher competition. Also: Teachers meet to discuss how to improve math education ...More from Wired News

Byte Sized. Only three countries - Burma, Liberia, and the USA - have not adopted the International System of Units (SI, or metric system) as their official system of weights and measures. Although use of the metric system has been sanctioned by law in the USA since 1866, it has been slow in displacing the American adaptation of the British Imperial System. However, measuring computer data is fully international. Find out what equates to 38 virtual miles of full filing cabinets or what a "quintillion" is in the real world, at our weights and measures page ...More from - Internal Link

Slide rule clings to life in the Internet Age. If California's energy crisis turns computers into pricey paperweights and makes AA batteries as scarce as vacuum tubes, Tom Wyman will still be able to perform vital calculations such as finding the square root of 144 or figuring the value of 2 to the power of 10. That is, if he can decide which of his approximately 450 slide rules to use ...More from the Nando Times

Knowledge Knows No Boundaries. A new math and science software project combines the talents of teachers and techies in Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia. They'll work together over the Net to develop new methods of teaching with technology ...More from Wired News

UK Grocer Steven Thoburn loses court battle to save pounds and ounces. "The verdict gives a green light for trading standards officers all over Britain to blitz thousands of small stores and supermarkets," according to The Sun's David Wooding. Mr Thoburn, described by the judge as "a decent, hard-working man", was given a conditional six-month discharge for breach of the Weights and Measures Act ....More from What The Papers Say

Russell Crowe plays maths genius in new movie "A Beautiful Mind". Ron Howard is directing the Gladiator star on location at the world famous Princeton University in a biopic of a Nobel Prize-winning economist who suffered bouts of paranoid schizophrenia for 30 years, says The Mirror ....More from What The Papers Say

Extra Credit. Math teachers describe the most difficult concept for their students to learn, and students discuss concepts they have trouble grasping... More from the Washington Post

Math Illiteracy Is Trouble. The problem of math illiteracy among Americans has important economic, social and personal consequences, mathematicians say... More from the Washington Post

Archimedes Gets a Makeover. Scientists are using modern technology to unlock the secrets of the only known copy of a 2,300-year-old text by the mathematician Archimedes... More from Wired News

Math and science seek Fed funds The math and science scores of American students are abysmal. A new bill in Congress seeks more funding for teacher training, recruitment and signing bonuses... More from Wired News

Ethnomaths. Maths teachers in California are finding that kids get excited by "ethnomaths" - maths taught from a global, cultural perspective rather than the traditional European. Sceptics, of course, think it's all a passing fad... More from the Chronicle of Higher Education

US Teachers Not Making the Grade. A commission of educators releases a report on the state of math and science teaching in the United States. The results? Someone will be staying after school... More from Wired News

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Pythagoras' Theorem

hypotenuse2 = 1st side2 + 2nd side2

1st side:   2nd side:   Hypotenuse:  

Fill in at least two blanks. If you fill in all of them, I'll see if the values are valid for a right triangle.

Chinese Numbers

This tool converts a number into Chinese. It works for numbers up to 1 billion. Just type in a number like "8890" (no decimal points please) and click "Show Chinese". More Chinese tools by Erik Petersonat
Number: Output as:

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