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Archived Education Articles in the Media

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New York City public schools beef up security. CAASS uses photo identification cards with barcodes to screen students as they enter the school building and to record attendance. If a person attempts to enter a school without a valid photo ID, the system sounds an alarm to draw staff members' attention. CAASS can phone parents about attendance issues, track textbooks issued to students, and print report cards ...More from Internet Wire

Internet 'loners' enjoy social whirl. People who use the internet at home, far from being the isolated, geeky nerds that they are popularly painted to be, are in fact highly social animals ...More from the Financial Times

UK Education and Skills Secretary admits her academic 'struggle' to schoolchildren. Estelle Morris, who, the Telegraph reminds us, "admitted earlier this year that she has not had time to read a book since she became a minister," told students of struggling with her O-levels and failing three A-levels before becoming a teacher herself ...More from What The Papers Say

Intelligence Relative, Study Says. If you think you're an Einstein, maybe you just know a little bit more than those around you. If you think you're a dim bulb but want to feel bright, surround yourself with people who know less. Critics say the study is mentally challenged ...More from Wired News

Extra tuition 'backfires'. UK education experts cast doubt on the idea that low-achieving pupils can benefit from extra lessons ...More from the BBC

Report says female students don't learn as much as males. A new report suggests female college students learn only two thirds as much as their male counterparts. Researchers studied 19,000 students at several universities in the US. The differences may be down to the attitudes of individual institutions or the ways the sexes choose their subjects ...More from Ananova

80% of new male students have never washed their own clothes. Eight out of 10 young men starting university in the UK this autumn have never washed their own clothes, according to a new survey. Girls are, in the main, much cleaner but almost 30% have never used a washing machine either, the poll shows. Only 12% said they had cooked for themselves on a regular basis ...More from Ananova

UK parents feel they are partners in education. The vast majority of parents would work with teachers rather than blame them when their children are having problems at school, according to a new survey. Nine out of 10 felt they were partners in the education of their sons and daughters and 78% said they would talk to teachers in a bid to solve any difficulties ...More from Ananova

Kids, Academics Share Internet2. Internet2 is working with state education networks to bring high performance networking and applications to K-12 schools and community colleges ...More from Wired News

42 year-old systems analyst James Wannerton suffers from rare disease which makes him "taste words". "If someone says 'motorcycle' I taste Rice Krispies. If they say 'key', it's garibaldi biscuits. It also happens when I read. It is so ridiculous I couldn't make it up" - James Wannerton, who suffers from synaesthesia, quoted in The Mirror ...More from What The Papers Say

Delhi children make play of the net. In the slums of Delhi, an experiment has shown how illiterate street children can quickly teach themselves the rudiments of computers and the internet. The results were startling, showing how much children with little or no English and no computer training at all could achieve ...More from the BBC

Norway opens late schools for 'lazy pupils'. Norway is introducing late opening schools for 'lazy pupils' who want to sleep in until the afternoon. The City Council of Oslo is offering students aged 16 to 18 'late starts' at certain schools. They will start classes after noon. Officials think pupils will do better academically if they are not forced to work while still half asleep in the mornings ...More from Ananova

UK Universities and Colleges Admission Service announces record number of students seeking higher education. 414,893 students are seeking higher education places this autumn, reports The Independent, up 2.5 % on last year ...More from What The Papers Say

Repeat After Me: Memory Takes Practice. Meghan Pierce is a 16-year-old senior whose excellent memory has helped her achieve a 3.9 grade-point average in a tough Fairfax County academic program. But asked which of last year's lessons she is forgetting this summer, she joked, "Everything" ...More from the Washington Post

300 years of government documents posted online. An online archive of government documents dating back three centuries has been launched. The British Library-backed service will make over 23,000 official records freely available. Surfers will be able to view the full text of historic entries dating back to 1689's Declaration of Rights ...More from Ananova

UK Teachers' leader John Dunford says it has been the "worst year on record" for recruitment. Following a study of all 168 local education authorities in England and Wales by The Independent which found 4,600 vacancies in state schools, Mr Dunford, of the Secondary Heads' Association, has warned that it will be impossible to fill all of the vacant posts ...More from What The Papers Say

Laura Bush: A Teacher in The (White) House. It was only a laugh line, a bit of drollery designed to stoke up the crowd at the expense of the opposition. But Laura Welch Bush's jab at Vice President Al Gore in her keynote speech at the Republican National Convention last year likewise carried the unstated message that the GOP was staking a claim on a mainstay Democratic issue: education ...More from Education Week

Parents Are Scarier than Aliens. According to kids, parents are even scarier than dinosaurs and aliens. A survey has found, however, that the one-eyed monster Cyclops is even scarier than parents. The survey of children aged 4 to 10 found that dragons, Dracula and Frankenstein, also terrified them ...More from Cosmiverse

Parental values: Is anyone listening? Education correspondent - and father - Mike Baker reflects on what it is that parents really want from schools ...More from the BBC

Girls see school in a new light, and they shine. When Sharon Hefferan, who runs a program called Metro Achievement Center, called recently and said, "Come see what we do," I hesitated. There are 10,000 good programs for the needy in the city, and even a good do-good program isn't necessarily a good story ...More from the Chicago Tribune

Teachers mull paper-swapping. When Alicia Bata needs quick results from a quiz in her Spanish class, she has her students pass their work to classmates and then goes over the answers with them. In a few minutes, she knows who understood the lesson and who did not ...More from the Washington Post

International Education. Education Week's ongoing series examines educational policies and practices across the globe. Whether an emerging or developed country, each has lessons from which all education policymakers can learn ...More from Education Week

Principals, Teachers Struggle to Combat Rampant Lateness. It is 8:45 a.m., the beginning of first period, and many of the desks are empty at Phelps Career Senior High, a crumbling vocational school at the top of a verdant hill in Northeast Washington. As usual, one-fourth of the school's 400 students are running late ...More from the Washington Post

Program Catches Copycat Students. A University of Virginia professor uses a self-written computer program to catch students who plagiarize term papers. Over 100 students are being investigated and may be expelled ...More from Wired News

School's Out for Hooky Hoodlums. In a move that may thwart wayward teenagers in Singapore, a school there set up a mobile phone service that alerts parents every time their children play hooky. Teachers at Yishun Town Secondary School in Singapore will take roll with short-messaging service -- marking the names of absent students in an electronic database. SMS resource WorldRemind taps into the database and automatically sends a short text message to parents' mobile phones to let them know their child is missing from class ...More from Wired News

Institute of Public Policy Research suggests children should take an internet "surfing proficiency test". The idea of the test would be to teach kids "how to respond to meeting strangers in chat rooms and how to get the most out of the net," reports The Guardian... More from What The Papers Say

British Astronomical Association says our children are growing up ignorant of the night sky. "One reason why astrology is promoted in popular culture more than astronomy is people can see horoscopes any day, but nobody can see real stars and planets. Because of light pollution, most children in this country have never seen the Milky Way" - coordinator, Bob Mizon, quoted in The Guardian... More from What The Papers Say

The Prize goes Practical. Ever since the first round of prizes was awarded in 1901, the Nobels have been famous as much for those who did not receive them as for those who did. Albert Einstein got one for physics–no surprise–but it wasn't for his theory of relativity. And how could James Joyce have been missed for literature, and Pearl Buck included?... More from US News

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