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Invasion of the Amazons
Advertising v. PR
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CGI: What the heck is that?
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The best Dad?
You're an Idiot!
Slave Caster of Freedom
Out of the mouths of babes
The Right to Life?
The Nostradamus Hoaxes
Explaining terrorism to a child
Internet 2 a scam?
Break a Rule, Bad Girl
Britannica near extinction?
The 1st time I really lied
Nigerian Scam Letters
Singular turns plural
English Writing
In debt?
The Secret Shopper
Too busy at work?
Bullying... Our Stories
Start to live your dreams
Recognize your potential
Stop worrying, please!
Public speaking
Elegant resumes
In praise of black sheep
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Country Domains

Below you will find the specific domain suffixes for different countries and categories.

.com - Commercial
.net - Network
.org - Non-Profit Making Organisations
.ac - Ascension Island
.ad - Andorra
.ae - United Arab Emirates
.af - Afghanistan
.ag - Antigua and Barbuda
.ai - Anguilla
.al - Albania
.am - Armenia
.an - Netherlands Antilles
.ao - Angola
.aq - Antartica
.ar - Argentina
.arpa - Old style Arpanet
.as - American Samoa
.at - Austria
.au - Australia
.aw - Aruba
.az - Azerbaidjan
.az - Azerbaijan
.ba - Bosnia-Herzegovina
.ba - Bosnia and Herzegovina
.bb - Barbados
.bd - Bangladesh
.be - Belgium
.bf - Burkina Faso
.bg - Bulgaria
.bh - Bahrain
.bi - Burundi
.bj - Benin
.bm - Bermuda
.bn - Brunei Darussalam
.bo - Bolivia
.br - Brazil
.bs - Bahamas
.bt - Bhutan
.bv - Bouvet Island
.bw - Botswana
.by - Belarus
.bz - Belize
.ca - Canada
.cc - Cocos - Keeling Islands
.cd - Congo, Democratic People's Republic
.cf - Central African Republic
.cg - Congo, Republic of
.ch - Switzerland
.ci - Cote d'Ivoire
.ci - Ivory Coast - Cote D'Ivoire
.ck - Cook Islands
.cl - Chile
.cm - Cameroon
.cn - China
.co - Colombia
.cr - Costa Rica
.cu - Cuba
.cv - Cap Verde
.cx - Christmas Island
.cy - Cyprus
.cz - Czech Republic
.de - Germany
.dj - Djibouti
.dk - Denmark
.dm - Dominica
.do - Dominican Republic
.dz - Algeria
.ec - Ecuador
.edu - USA Educational
.ee - Estonia
.eg - Egypt
.eh - Western Sahara
.er - Eritrea
.es - Spain
.et - Ethiopia
.fi - Finland
.fj - Fiji
.fk - Falkland Islands (Malvina)
.fm - Micronesia
.fm - Micronesia, Federal State of
.fo - Faroe Islands
.fr - France
.ga - Gabon
.gd - Grenada
.ge - Georgia
.gf - French Guiana
.gf - French Guyana
.gg - Guernsey
.gh - Ghana
.gi - Gibraltar
.gl - Greenland
.gm - Gambia
.gn - Guinea
.gov - USA Government
.gp - Guadeloupe
.gp - Guadeloupe - French
.gq - Equatorial Guinea
.gr - Greece
.gs - South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
.gt - Guatemala
.gu - Guam
.gu - Guam - USA
.gw - Guinea-Bissau
.gy - Guyana
.hk - Hong Kong
.hm - Heard and McDonald Islands
.hn - Honduras
.hr - Croatia
.hr - Croatia/Hrvatska
.ht - Haiti
.hu - Hungary
.id - Indonesia
.ie - Ireland
.il - Israel
.im - Isle of Man
.in - India
.int - International
.io - British Indian Ocean Territory
.iq - Iraq
.ir - Iran
.ir - Iran (Islamic Republic of)
.is - Iceland
.it - Italy
.je - Jersey
.jm - Jamaica
.jo - Jordan
.jp - Japan
.ke - Kenya
.kg - Kyrgyzstan
.kh - Cambodia
.ki - Kiribati
.km - Comoros
.kn - Saint Kitts and Nevis
.kp - Korea, Democratic People's Republic
.kr - Korea, Republic of
.kr - South Korea
.kw - Kuwait
.ky - Cayman Islands
.kz - Kazakhstan
.la - Lao People's Democratic Republic
.lb - Lebanon
.lc - Saint Lucia
.li - Liechtenstein
.lk - Sri Lanka
.lr - Liberia
.ls - Lesotho
.lt - Lithuania
.lu - Luxembourg
.lv - Latvia
.ly - Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
.ma - Morocco
.mc - Monaco
.md - Moldavia
.md - Moldova, Republic of
.mg - Madagascar
.mh - Marshall Islands
.mil - USA Military
.mk - Macedonia
.mk - Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic
.ml - Mali
.mm - Myanmar
.mn - Mongolia
.mo - Macau
.mp - Northern Mariana Islands
.mq - Martinique
.mq - Martinique - French
.mr - Mauritania
.ms - Montserrat
.mt - Malta
.mu - Mauritius
.mv - Maldives
.mw - Malawi
.mx - Mexico
.my - Malaysia
.mz - Mozambique
.na - Namibia
.nc - New Caledonia
.nc - New Caledonia - French
.ne - Niger
.nf - Norfolk Island
.ng - Nigeria
.ni - Nicaragua
.nl - Netherlands
.no - Norway
.np - Nepal
.nr - Nauru
.nu - Niue
.nz - New Zealand
.om - Oman
.pa - Panama
.pe - Peru
.pf - French Polynesia
.pf - Polynesia - French
.pg - Papua New Guinea
.ph - Philippines
.pk - Pakistan
.pl - Poland
.pm - St. Pierre and Miquelon
.pn - Pitcairn Island
.pr - Puerto Rico
.ps - Palestinian Territories
.pt - Portugal
.pw - Palau
.py - Paraguay
.qa - Qatar
.re - Reunion Island
.ro - Romania
.ru - Russia
.ru - Russian Federation
.rw - Rwanda
.sa - Saudi Arabia
.sb - Solomon Islands
.sc - Seychelles
.sd - Sudan
.se - Sweden
.sg - Singapore
.sh - Saint Helena
.sh - St. Helena
.si - Slovenia
.sj - Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands
.sk - Slovak Republic
.sl - Sierra Leone
.sm - San Marino
.sn - Senegal
.so - Somalia
.sr - Suriname
.st - Saint Tome and Principe
.st - Sao Tome and Principe
.su - Former USSR
.sv - El Salvador
.sy - Syrian Arab Republic
.sz - Swaziland
.tc - Turks and Caicos Islands
.td - Chad
.tf - French Southern Territories
.tg - Togo
.th - Thailand
.tj - Tajikistan
.tk - Tokelau
.tm - Turkmenistan
.tn - Tunisia
.to - Tonga
.tp - East Timor
.tr - Turkey
.tt - Trinidad and Tobago
.tv - Tuvalu
.tw - Taiwan
.tz - Tanzania
.ua - Ukraine
.ug - Uganda
.uk - United Kingdom
.um - US Minor Outlying Islands
.us - United States
.uy - Uruguay
.uz - Uzbekistan
.va - Holy See (City Vatican State)
.vc - Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
.ve - Venezuela
.vg - Virgin Islands (British)
.vi - Virgin Islands (USA)
.vn - Vietnam
.vu - Vanuatu
.wf - Wallis and Futuna Islands
.ws - Samoa
.ws - Western Samoa
.ye - Yemen
.yt - Mayotte
.yu - Yugoslavia
.za - South Africa
.zm - Zambia
.zr - Zaire
.zw - Zimbabwe

Archived Article

The Tiniest Dots on the Web. Web users will never need to go to, say, or Yet, those top-level domains exist. What for, and why? ...More from Wired News

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