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Exceptional 100% Guaranteed Services: Bar Tending...

bartenders FLAMMABLE: The Red Hot, Sweet and Sour Secrets and Lies Behind Cocktail Bartending

An uncommon guide to the secrets of cocktails and the cocktail industry for bar workers and cocktails enthusiasts.

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"Exceptional Information for Exceptional Bartending" 100% Money Back Guaranteed!

FLAMMABLE is an extraordinarily comprehensive account of life behind the bars of the UK.

Learn the the red hot, sweet and sour secrets and lies behind cocktail bartending. Surely no court in the land would convict them? Discover the knife edges that some bartendenders walk!

Written in an easy style and ideal for both bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts, it's a result of an immense body of work drawn from a huge amount of sources by a dedicated team of professionals. Please read on.

20 Reasons to Buy FLAMMABLE: The Red Hot, Sweet and Sour Secrets and Lies Behind Cocktail Bartending...

annuities-1Tipping the balance
Working without having to think and understanding how to turn 20% in tips into 80%.

annuities-2 How to produce the ultimate bartending CV
In fact we've already written the outline for you, all you have to do is fill in the blanks and press print. We've also written the cover letter that goes with it.

annuities-3 Bartend the world in the lap of luxury
Fancy travelling the world bartending on a cruise? Bartenders can easily pick up work worldwide. See the world. We show you how.

annuities-4 The cheats and thieves of the industry
How bar staff cheat customers, employers and co-workers and how managers catch them. Discover some appalling secrets that the industry would prefer you didn't know.

annuities-5 Pushing all the wrong buttons
Till fraud exposed. The staggering details of how bartenders cash in on their customers' trust and remain undetected.bartending

annuities-6 Secret weapons that boost cocktail profits
Are you a bar manager in charge of promotions and pricing? We share lucrative industry secrets.

annuities-7 Never mind the quality
Is the quality of the base alcohol detectable in all cocktails? Is a premium brand distinguishable from a poor one?

annuities-8 The cocktails forbidden to millions
Did you know that many types of cocktails cannot be consumed by a huge amount of the population?

annuities-9 Death and cocktails - the killer ingredients
The deadly consequences of using two particular common ingredients in some of the most popular mixes.

annuities-10 Are you serving cocktails illegally?
Are you an unknowing criminal? Is your job at risk?

annuities-11 Drinking myths debunked
What alcohol does and doesn't do. Common myths debunked.

annuities-12 A potted history of cocktails
Prohibition, speakeasies and the dregs of the barrel.

annuities-13 Official cocktails
Discover which cocktails are 'official' and which are not.

annuities-14 Before or after dinner?
How to avoid embarrassing mistakes when recommending cocktails.

annuities-15 Cocktails to set fire to
The ultimate list of attention grabbing mixes and their often disturbing consequences.

annuities-16 The cocktail umbrella - clever and cool
No seriously, discover how this can possibly be true!

annuities-17 Why shaken, why stirred?
So what's the big deal, why one or the other and did James Bond get it wrong? How to become a cooler shaker.

annuities-18 Sex crime and cocktails
Blue coloured cocktails, date rape and your responsibilities.

annuities-19 The magic of "Molecular Mixologists"
The fascinating science of using air, gels, powders, foams and atomised sprays to make cocktails... and the tastes of Chanel No.5, leather and tobacco. Be the bartender that's remembered by all of your guests.

annuities-20 A superb collection of bonuses
A collection of entertaining, informative and sometimes shocking linked bonuses including:

  • 100's of the most popular recipes - the ingredients, measures and techniques of the classics and new pretenders
  • Bartender videos that should never have been put online
  • Barman's Life - downloadable arcade drinking game
  • Online random cocktail inventor
  • Impress your diet conscious patrons with the Weight Watchers Cocktail Cheat Sheet
  • How many units? The excellent "Click on a drink" system
  • Is your job safe? Discover how customers get served immediately with the world's first robot barman... and one machine that definitely won't put you out of a job!

    Plus some unlisted surprises!

    Who is it for?
    Although the book has been designed for professional bar managers and bartenders, all home bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts will find the advice extremely useful and the content fascinating.

    What's in it for me?
    You will discover the astonishing secrets that many of the UK's top bar staff know that you don't.
  • You'll find out the shocking things your bartending colleagues are doing behind your back
  • You'll uncover the sex, crime and intrigue associated with the cocktail industry
  • You'll learn essential cocktail bartending information designed to both shake and stir

    What can I do with it?
    You'll be able to dazzle your customers and colleagues with your newly gained insider knowledge. You'll also gain knowledge that you can impress your current or future employers with.

    What is it for?
    If you're serious about becoming the best, you need authoritative information. Information that is essential to your work behind the bar. Every bar should contain a copy.

    Is it like going back to school?
    Absolutely, definitely not! It is an easy to read and enthralling look behind the world of bartending. We've made it fun and simplicity itself:
  • It is presented in easily digestible sections
  • The index is click-linked to each chapter for quick browsing
  • It is searchable by keyword and by keyphrase

    This EXCEPTIONAL collation of intelligence is crucial for anyone with an interest in bartending.

    No waiting, immediate access! The complete package is available for just £4.95 for a limited time only. Immediately after payment you will be automatically redirected to the super-simple one-click download page.

    We offer a 100 % money back guarantee! You’ll have a full 90 days to satisfy yourself that it's exactly what we promised. If it's not, just let us know and we’ll refund your money with the press of a button.

    Please click on the secure payment button below to pay by PayPal or Credit Card through PayPal. (you do not need a PayPal account)
    100% Money Back Guaranteed
    WE'RE HERE TO HELP! if you encounter any problems whatsoever please email us at
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