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Did you know that on the more up-to-date browsers it is easy to change the text size of what you are reading on a web page?

Internet Explorer Users:

Click on the word "View" on the bar above this page.

Click on the word "Text Size" and chose "larger" or "largest".

Netscape Users:

Click on the word "View" on the bar above this page.

Click on "increase font".

If the text is still not large enough then repeat the process until it is.

You may also be interested to know that this is usually possible to change your e-mail software using the same process.

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He was blind, now he can see. The quest to develop artificial sight is a half-century old. Now, the miracle that could never happen has become a reality ...More from Wired News

Red, Blue, Green and Other Sounds. The region of the brain that processes sight remains alive and active even in blind people, and two separate studies offer insight into the sightless world ...More from Wired News

Blind Gain New Site for Literature. offers electronic books for the visually impaired that people have scanned in and donated. The online service is expected to provide the largest electronic library for the blind and visually impaired on the Internet. features more than 8,000 books--from New York Times bestsellers to the classics--that individuals can download and print in Braille or listen to using software that reads text aloud ...More from the Los Angeles Times

Inventor creates robotic guide dogs. A Japanese inventor has created a robot 'guide dog' to help visually-impaired people get around. The dog uses video cameras and sensors to avoid obstacles. Hideo Mori, of Yamanashi University, hopes to produce 20 experimental dogs for trials later this year ...More from Ananova

The Blind Physicist Who May Find ET. Kent Cullers, who has been blind since birth, has never glimpsed the Milky Way or witnessed a full moon on a clear summer night. But the 51-year-old physicist is no stranger to star-gazing ...More from Business Week

Tastes Like a Red Light. Two scientists are developing a device that might eventually allow the blind to make their way around by following electric currents on their tongues ...More from Wired News

Dog Was Blind, But Now Can See. Gene therapy has helped researchers bring sight to a blind dog, giving scientists hope that a cure for disease-caused blindness can someday be found ...More from Wired News

Doctor's Guide: It is in the Eyes. It is more distracting, doctors say, to perform delicate surgery while constantly having to read information on a computer. That is why they like a new device than scans the info directly onto the retina ...More from Wired News

Educators' Tough Access Test. Most students are required to take a computer-based test to get into graduate school or business school. But for some disabled students, taking a test on screen isn't easy, if it's an option at all... More from Wired News

New Device Improves Low Vision. Low-vision sufferers, some whose vision is 20/400 and worse, will soon be able to wear a device on their head that uses a beam of light to create high-res images that appear to "float."... More from Wired News

Researchers Focus on Retina Gene. Studies from Germany and the Netherlands say genetic mutations in a single gene may be the causes of several common visual impairment diseases... More from Wired News

Attack of the Uber Tomatoes on Blindness. Scientists have genetically modified tomatoes so that they ripen more slowly and produce twice the amount of an antioxidant that can help prevent blindness and cancers... More from Wired News

Talking Books Speak Volumes. Digital talking books could revolutionize the way individuals who are blind or print-disabled enjoy texts. Will these books go mainstream? One group is working to see that happens... More from Wired News

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